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20 Best Topics for Argumentative Essay

An essay is one of the most favorite tasks teachers give to the students at school and university. All humanitarian programs and curricula include this type of assignment: literature, sociology, ethics, history, etc. Argumentative essays occur most commonly in educational curricula compared to other types of essays. It has a huge benefit for students. The argumentative essay aims to convince the reader in your point of view, using strong arguments.

We often do this in real life while arguing with someone and proving to people some things. To make it in the form of the essay is significantly harder. You should use strong language, support your arguments and information by the data from credible sources. Everything should be flawless. If you are an unskilled writer, this may be a daunting task for you; you need time and experience. At the same time, the writing of argumentative papers develops your mind and ability to articulate your thoughts clearly.

To look successful and intelligent in the teacher’s eyes, to get only excellent marks, choose more controversial topics, which need brainstorming and long considerations. If you’re a hardworking person, controversial argumentative essays are for you. To alleviate the process of picking a topic, use our examples. For convenience, they will be categorized on the basis of the field of knowledge or university subjects.

The sports theme is good if you admire some kinds of it or are a sports enthusiast. There are a lot of inconsistencies and stereotypes, so be ready to spend a lot of time exploring the truth. You can choose a topic dedicated to the current event, a particular type of sport or addressing the common sport’s problems:

  • Which sports record is the most unbeatable?
  • Should students pay additional fees to save intercollegiate sports?
  • Physical Education in Educational facilities.
  • Why are the requirements, salaries, and chances differ in male and female athletes?

The educational topic is always relevant. New and new issues occur in the education sphere; a lot of problems are still not solved. Choose one of the topics, and maybe you’ll present new ideas:

  • Why and in what ways the process of studying changed from the 18th century to nowadays?
  • Has inclusive education the right to life? What are its advantages?
  • Is the classical education system so good?
  • What is the proper pattern of teacher-student relationships?

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Society is an important thing in each person’s life. It surrounds us and to some extent, forms our views, ideology, and behavior. Many societies are undergoing revolutionary changes, and some of them should be discussed and addressed:

  • How may the problem of domestic violence be solved?
  • To what consequences the prohibition of abortion will lead?
  • Why is the death penalty an ineffective way of punishment?
  • Is the euthanasia possible in humane society?

The best combination is that of argumentative essay and ethics. This science itself discusses the conflicting and controversial themes, so to write a successful essay, you may choose one of the ethical topics.

  • Can the psychologist break the rule and share the details of the conversation with the client, if the police require it?
  • The moral side of the concept of the white lie.
  • The legalization of marijuana and other drugs: its pros and cons.
  • Is it possible to use the firearm outside army surroundings to defend somebody’s house and life?

The history keeps numerous causes, which affected the fates of people and the world. These events may be an instruction for us not to make the same mistakes again. The essay is the best form to discuss such issues:

  • Why didn’t America maintain neutrality in wars, especially during the First World War?
  • What were the reasons for the collapse of the USSR?
  • Differences in male and female rights and education in the 18-19th century.
  • Have the Soviet Union had the right to occupy the territories of Europe at the end of WW2?

Note that the range of examples mentioned above is significantly broader. We used only the most common topics. You may use fantasy and some sources on the Internet and find the most interesting topic for you. Then all you have to do is to write a paper, considering the important elements. Remember that AdvancedWriters.com experts are always ready to perform your task on the highest level.