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Sin revealed his unusual story with Maluma: “He asked me for my cell phone”

El Dipy is at the center again for his talents as an artist. Is that the singer turned the song “Hawaii” by Maluma and generated a wave of positive comments among his followers. Such was the success of the song that the media received the greeting from the famous international artist. The Dipy visited the corridors of America and told his unusual story with Maluma in Alejandro Fantino’s program. The singer surprised absolutely everyone.

“We are very happy. The one who should not be happy is really Maluma. What happened to me when I got this turn is that Maluma’s representative wrote to me, asked for my mobile phone and sent a photo of the two embraced who said”

; we waiting for you to start the question “, he explained El Dipy on the America show. As expected, the singer left everyone present frozen when he told about his unusual experience with the international singer.

“He wrote to me on Instagram and when I saw the verified account I thought ‘who the hell is this? “Later he wrote that he was with Maluma and was waiting for my version. I called the record company and said” I’m talking to a crazy person who says he’s with Maluma “and the owner says to me” talk to him right now, answer him, was polite, I pray for God “and then we started talking,” he added El Dipy, who stopped admitting he hit a good wave with Maluma.

“The representative is Argentine and he told me that he copied what I said in the programs and that he recalled me, and the truth is that I can not believe it. What makes you invent yourself is hunger. There came a time when I did not even have to pay the rent and it’s fucking to live like this, the singer concluded and ended his incredible story. It should be noted that the artist became very popular recently during the isolation for his sharp view of the Argentine political scene.

Already a few days ago, the artist was destroyed by Jorge Rial: «I am the opposite of what he thinks. He does what he does in his musical life: he is a guy. He covers what he hears on the street and repeats it. He repeats what he hears and receives applause from an ideological place that uses it. I will say something without despising anyone: always the right, theoretically enlightened, need people who are more brilliant, more popular, to confirm and extend their ideas as popular. And El Dipy is playing the game, “said the figure in America.

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