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18 advertisements of gastronomic controls «kleinezeitung.at

About 190 companies were checked over the weekend in Tyrol: regulations such as curfews were deliberately surrounded and not observed in some nightclubs.

15:40 on 21 September 2020

That is not the case everywhere © (c) APA / HANS PUNZ (HANS PUNZ)

Police, health and trade authorities did last weekend everywhere Tyrol CoronaCenter of gravity controls in Gastronomy and night gastronomy performed. About 190 companies were checked, the country announced on Monday. 18 reports were made. “Several infringements were identified, such as non-compliance with the obligation to protect the mouth and nose and the distance rules or the curfew,” he explained. Elmar Rizzoli from the country’s Corona working group.

Some guests would also have turned out to be unapologetic. The number New infections and cluster formation has recently shown that there is an urgent need for action, especially in the field of gastronomy at night, it says. “Regulations such as the curfew were deliberately circumvented and not followed in some nightclubs,” said Rizzoli, who also spoke to individual responsibility the guests appealed.

The controls were mainly aimed at raising awareness, he said National Police Chief Edelbert Kohler. In the event of serious misconduct and particularly inaccessibility, reports were also submitted. “Basically, both operators and guests could make sure that this was clearly about to drop as the night went on and alcohol consumption increased,” says Kohler. The stricter corona rules that came into force on Monday will also be monitored in the coming weeks as part of further focus controls.

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