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Coronavirus – consumer advocates sue the Republic because of Ischgl


The consumer protection association VSV became serious on Wednesday and now aroused the first lawsuits against the Republic of Austria in connection with coronary infections in the Tyrolean winter sports resort Ischgl.

The Consumer Protection Association (VSV) submitted ski tourists from Austria, Germany and Switzerland the first official claim for damages against the Republic of Austria and the state of Tyrol on Wednesday. Tourists became infected with Covid-19 while on ski trips in Tyrol – especially in Ischgl – and carried the virus around the world. SAAM announced details of the model lawsuits for damages for Covid victims at a press conference in Vienna.

More than 6,000 holidaymakers in Tyrol have already reported being injured by the Consumer Protection Association. About 80 percent of them were actually infected with the virus. About 1

,000 people have therefore joined the criminal case as private parties then. Many of them come from Germany. According to the Austrian consumer advocate Peter Kolba, those responsible reacted too late and not extensively enough to the outbreak of the coronavirus in Ischgl. The coronavirus was transported in 45 countries from the Tyrolean winter sports resort.

Four lawsuits filed

Alexander Klauser, who works as the consumer protection association’s lawyer, said at the press conference on Wednesday that four official liability cases have been updated. However, these are not class actions to be able to achieve quick results in court. “In one case, the deceased was sued by a victim who died as a result of an infection. Two other trials were filed for German citizens who are seriously ill. In the fourth case, the person is only slightly ill, but there are expected long-term consequences,” Klauser explained. Additional trials are to be followed.

The class action is planned

According to Kolba, several class actions are planned as a result. More than 1,000 people have authorized the Consumer Protection Association to represent the injured party’s legal interests.

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