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Oeticket’s digital solution package should enable events despite the pandemic

To facilitate the path to the new standard for the event industry and enable a minimal number of events, CTS-Eventim Group has invested in high-performance software solutions in recent months.

Autumn is usually the most eventful season of the year, when cultural life is revived and many sporting events begin the new season. The new software solutions are intended to set new standards for handling COVID-19 requirements and also to support the authorities in making decisions on permits. The focus is on maintaining the minimum distance and protecting the health of visitors and employees – thus creating and implementing preventive and hygienic concepts considerably simplified.

The development costs are borne by Oeticket and are now intended to give the organizers innovative opportunities to offer maximum security and follow the guidelines of the Austrian Federal Government. “Oeticket is in the same boat as the event industry. Only if we make the best of this challenging situation shoulder to shoulder and face it with innovative strength, can the audience look forward to live entertainment again,”

; explains CEO Christoph Klingler.

More security through professional contact tracking

With Eventim.CheckIn, Oeticket offers a data protection compatible and technically mature solution for contact tracking. Visitors can save their data either in the Oeticket app or in the CheckIn web form. When they enter the event, they only scan a QR code with their smartphone, which automatically confirms their data. For larger arenas, individual QR codes can be created for individual areas, which can effectively limit the number of guests affected in the event of a suspected COVID-19 case.

In accordance with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation, visitor data is stored on Oeticket’s secure servers for 28 days and then deleted automatically. Organizers who already use the handy organizer app can perform access control and data validation contactlessly and digitally in one step. If the tickets are personalized with the name, visitor data can be automatically registered during the sales process.

Different options for minimum distance

The federal government’s traffic light system provides different attendance limits for events that give organizers major organizational and administrative challenges when changing traffic light levels. The Eventim.NET system solves this task automatically and ensures dynamic distance control. This means that each venue can be used optimally and utilized to the maximum despite the legal requirements. Places do not need to be blocked in advance, as one or more nearby places can be automatically blocked with each booking. The number of places that can be booked together remains flexible and the visitor experiences the usual booking process. If the requirements are released, blocked sites can be released for sale again with just a few clicks. Events that have already been sold can be easily adapted with the well-thought-out seating and restoration function in accordance with current rules. Alternatively, fixed distances between the seats can be specified in the seating area. Seats can be removed in advance, individual seats and rows can be blocked or certain patterns can be set.

Thanks to a collaboration with the event academy, oeticket offers its customers reduced participation in special COVID-19 trainings, which were designed in collaboration with the two largest rescue organizations in the country. The modular course conveys important tools and methods for creating and implementing professional prevention concepts. The next course will take place in Graz (September 28-30).

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