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Windows 10 ends support: two versions expire

But how can you find out how long the support for your own version of Windows 10 will continue? Remember that in addition to the latest version of Windows 10, the two predecessors also come with updates. The current version is Windows 10 2004, so the two predecessors from 2019, Windows 10 1909 and Windows 10 1903 are still supported. But that is also changing, Windows 10 20H2 is coming soon, which means that Windows 10 1903 is slowly saying goodbye.

This information applies to private users, including when using Windows 10 Home or Pro. Thus, a new version of Windows 10 is supported for about 18 months, after which you need to update. Microsoft summarizes the end-of-service times for different versions of Windows 1
0 in one table. Please note that longer support times apply to business users.

If you stay too long with an old version of Windows, Microsoft sometimes shows tips that support should end soon and that you should update. You should not ignore this for too long, because Windows without security and quality updates is a risk.

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