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in the heart of a scandal, Monica’s restaurant is closed

Philippe Etchebest: In Pfastatt, Alsace, a former restaurant owner decided to point the finger at the production of Kitchen nightmare. What really happened?

Hardcore fans will be amazed at what happened on the show and what it looks like today.

The chef traveled to Antibes and Saint-Estèphe, allowing fans of the culinary program broadcast on the M6 ​​to get back on their feet with two new numbers airing on Mondays, August 30 and September 7.

An average of 2.77 million French people gathered in front Kitchen nightmare, during these two meetings, 1

2.3% of them were in front of their TV. Unfortunately, the TV movie Why I live tells the story of Grégory Lemarchal and his illness, broadcast on TF1, ruined the score …

Nightmare in the kitchen - Monica

The replay of some episodes allows you to refresh your memory of an event in the show: the passage of chef Philippe Etchebest in Pfastatt, Alsace, which will remain etched in his memory and participant Monica De Oliveira.

Nine years ago, Monica took over the management of this Italian-Portuguese restaurant. But when the episode aired in 2016, customers had left the premises and according to the manager, the employees did not do their job properly. Their version was more prone to Monica’s very angry character and the electric atmosphere that reigned in the facility and made the clientele flee.

But the arrival of Philippe Etchebest in this environment has not helped. According to the restaurateur, he would not be able to help her restart her restaurant, “O Cantinho”. She had to decide to sell it and open another, “Le Sinatra”, a restaurant that mainly serves meat specialties.

However, Monica had high hopes after the broadcast of the episode that was filmed in the restaurant on Wednesday, September 14, 2016. The boss had even expressed his enthusiasm within the newspaper Alsace :

“I look forward to discovering the editing with some concern, but I have already won. I buried a restaurant to create a new one ”.

She thought that turnover would increase again, she had even changed a little physically, as if she was showing a new life. In the special section “What are they now?” She praised a development within the facility, which stood in contrast to the previous atmosphere and the grades received.

But unfortunately the closure of the restaurant “O Cantinho” was bad for the chef’s image and for the program. Kitchen nightmare.

However, closures are often among the restaurants that the chef visits … But in 2018, Monica de Oliveira was invited to the Baba plateau, Do not touch my TV, and it is chef Philippe Etchebest and the production directly that she accused of this closure.

“I get notifications every day every time the program is broadcast. They judge me. Now that I have closed the restaurant (…), I still want to put an end to all this, ”she expressed with irritation.

The channel therefore decided to listen to the candidate’s request. Kitchen nightmare is no longer currently broadcast on M6 as the new season of the much-appreciated program, Love is in the meadow, just come to begin.

The culinary program is therefore broadcast from time to time online on the cable channel Teva.

On September 10, a replay of the episodes taken in Cestas and Peynier was offered, where the chef once again tried to straighten out restaurants.

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