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The crazy amount (already) that Meghan Markle spent to stand up to the tabloids

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The Solar has made new revelations about the Duchess of Sussex trial.

When we do not love, we do not count. And when we go to war either. As for Meghan Markle, the opponent here is embodied by the British press, and more specifically Daily mail that she accuses of invasion of privacy since the dissemination of a private letter to her father Thomas. Even recluse in her impressive villa in Santa Barbara, the former actress will stop at nothing to win her case.

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Thanks to information revealed by Solar, Madame Figaro has listed the XXL sums the Duchess has spent so far. ”

; Prince Harry’s wife would have spent £ 524,000 (€ 569,000) for the preparation of the trial and £ 30,4700 (€ 331,000) for the trial itself. It would also have cost him £ 200,000 (€ 217,000) to bring the case to court. The Duchess of Sussex had already been forced to pay £ 67,000 (€ 72,900) to associated newspapers after a first hearing“We read on September 22nd. In total, we would already be talking about £ 1.8 million while the trial is scheduled for January 2021. The last shake-up in this case? The express dismissal of David Sherborne, also known as Johnny Depp’s lawyer in the daggers that is being sued between him and his ex Amber Heard.

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