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The standard without Oulare but with Bastien before Vojvodina (VIDEO)

The weeks go by and look the same for Standard. At least this early fall. As seven days ago, Rouches is on deck to prepare for his European match. It will be this Thursday, at 20.00, against the Serbs in Vojvodina. For this third qualifying round of the Europa League, Philippe Montanier can count on an almost complete group, with the exception of the known injuries which are Maxime Lestienne (sciatica), William Balikwisha (shoulder) and Joachim Carcela (foot).

Obbi Oulare was also absent. Goal scorer against Kortrijk on Sunday, the colossus was absent from the morning training. But a priori nothing serious for the attacker who was in care. Samuel Bastien was well into the game and recovered well after his hamstring injury from mid-August. He had already resumed with the group since Monday. Ameen Al Dakhil, Espoir̵

7;s central defender, also attended today’s session. Other good news from today’s training, which took place under ideal conditions, was all Covid tests conducted on Tuesday were negative.

The Serbs took off from Belgrade this morning just after 9:30. They will land at Liège airport late in the morning. Before their training, scheduled for this evening at 19.30, they will take their block at a hotel near the city center.

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