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The International Space Station had to maneuver to avoid a collision with debris Technology

The International Space Station (ISS, for its abbreviation in English) had to maneuver this Tuesday to avoid a collision with debris from an old Japanese rocket, the third maneuver of its kind this year, said NASA, which required more resources to monitor the growing number of objects in the Earth’s orbit. Rubbish would have gone 1.39 kilometers from the ISS, …

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Google launches Tables, a free automated project management tool that will compete with Airtables, Trello or Notion

Google Internal Project Incubator, Area 120 (from which Google News services have emerged), today announced the launch from Tables, a project management tool with IFTTT-style automation features and capable interact with other corporate products (such as Google Groups or Google Sheet), or third party, like Slack or Zapier. Tim Gleason, head of Tables, has explained in Google’s corporate blog what …

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“Halo Infinite” gets “New features” due to delay until 2021

Halo Infinite will have news after its delay | 343 Industries The latest delay 343 Industries of “Halo Infinite” It has given the studio time to implement new features in the game. You may also be interested in: The “Marvel Spider-Man” remaster will have no physical release The anonymous Twitter account Qilin, which probably works in 343 Industries, took to …

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Chileans discovered a new planet: The first “hot Neptune” – Dune 89.7

That would be about “TT 9779 b”, a planet outside the solar system, 260 light-years from land in an area called “Neptunian Desert”, an area of ​​low planetary density. The research was led by the University of Chile graduate James Jenkins, from the Department of Astronomy at the Faculty of Physical Sciences and Mathematics, and Matías Díaz, a candidate for …

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Gmail can now be configured as the default email app in iOS 14

Apple released iOS 14 in the last week and recently Google released the Gmail update enabling users to take advantage of one of the most striking features of the new operating system for iPhones: the ability to set Gmail as the default email on Apple computers. With iOS14, Apple wanted to open the door a little more for third-party applications …

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