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EdMedical health factors and monthly challenges? – American British School

Both for our school and for society, the well-being of our children is becoming increasingly important. This year, the pandemic crisis has forced us to step up our efforts to maintain physical and mental balance in our homes and classrooms. Global Be Well Day this year includes mental factors, represented in the daily actions of Connect, Do and But. This week we want to remind you that the relevance of these concepts, which are part of our daily routines, can be the key to “feeling happy, growing in the social, emotional and physical realm”, a definition we have given to well-being.

We have worked hard with our psycho-education groups to support our students and their families this year who have touched us mentally and emotionally. With the celebration of this world day in Cognita, we try to offer you simple tips that we hope you can implement or at least evaluate and discuss at home.

For example, connecting with oneself and with others through actions such as devoting a few minutes of real attention to a conversation (on the phone or in person) or enjoying a few seconds in silence and thinking about how our day was and thanking everyone. that we have and what we had, allows us to understand our feelings and moods, accept ourselves, motivate ourselves and deal with healthier thoughts and interactions with others.

We have created a calendar with simple activities that we want to share with you. They can participate as a family or individually, choose a couple of weekly challenges or define at least one or two of them for this month. We are sure that it will be joyful and not just a gesture or a gift for those who receive it, but a moment of joy and gratitude for those who do.

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