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“The least I deserve is respect”

The journalist is very angry Martin Liberman after Fox Sports Argentina was acquired by the Disney chain.

“You invest in the purchase of the disk for two reasons: 1. To improve it; Destroy it …They clearly chose option 2. Can’t you beat them? Then destroy them. They go that way, they achieve it, he said on Twitter on Tuesday.

What upset the comment even more was the merger between Espn and Fox Sports, incorporating faces such as Sebastián Vignolo, Mariano Closs and Diego Latorre.

As to whether he should also comment on Espn, he indicated in El Clarín that “I do not know, because no one spoke to me. That’s why I say I have nothing against the company. I never talked to them. Maybe they̵

7;s excellent managers or producers, I do not know.

Liberman has been screenless on Fox Sports since the purchase was made and has exploded on several occasions. “Whether they like it or not23 years ago, this paparulo inaugurated a canal that became the most important canal in the region“, Launched in its program Liberman Online on Radio Mite.

After that, he clearly stated. “The least I deserve is respect, not me, all of us who did or did the channel. We have not had it (…) I do not intend to ask if I am part of the project to say that I do not like what I see. The roads and being serious are unchanging ”.

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