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MediaTek 5G prevention: release the world's first 5G SoC chip – Communication Technology – 5G

A recent 5G test schedule for the chip maker at the IMT-2020 Summit (5G) in 2019 caused discussion in the industry. Haisi and MediaTek support the SA / NSA network model and complete the survey and indoor test, respectively, Qualcomm conducted the NSA test. Dr. Fu Yikang, director of the design division of MediaTek's communications system, involved in the development of 5G standards, said MediaTek is the leading group of 5G technologies.

MediaTek's 5G chip not only benefits in terminal technology, upgrading technology and top speed, but also the world's first manufacturer to release 5G SoC chips.

For NSA and SA networking methods that have been discussed for a long time, Yang Jie, chairman of China Mobile, said that "5G mobile phone must have SA mode from January 1

next year and NSA mobile phone cannot into the network. " The industry is not a small shock.

In addition to Huawei, other mobile phone manufacturers have incorporated the Qualcomm X50 baseband, which only supports the NSA mode. China Mobile's unexpected movement made chip makers somewhat unprepared, and Qualcomm also strengthened the next-generation X55 release rhythm to support NSA / SA.

At this point, MediaTek has "accidentally printed on the direction". Fu Yikang revealed that when Lianfa Technology plans the underlying features of the 5G chip at the early stage, it hopes to achieve global versatility, so it believes supporting the NSA / SA network mode. It is understood that MediaTek in the early days of 4G development launched research on 5G.

On the 5G chip design, MediaTek developed the technology for coverage and speed increase for upstream NSA and SA. The Uplink coverage enhancement technology in the MediaTek NSA mode can provide an average uplink rate of 28% and the uplink coverage technology in the MediaTek SA mode provides 30% -60% coverage enhancement to the UL uplink control channel precoding technology. The UL PTO with 40% gives 40% uplink coverage, which corresponds to an increase of 25% uplink speed.

In addition to the 5G upgrade technique, there has always been the strength of MediaTek in low power consumption. 5G terminal power consumption is higher than 4G due to greater bandwidth, higher speed and lower latency. If the terminal's battery capacity is still limited, how to make the terminal low power consumption is related to the user experience.

MediaTek has developed a BWP solution based on the technical concept of "avoiding unnecessary power consumption when data transmission is avoided", which is a bandwidth saving energy saving scheme. By dynamically adjusting the terminal bandwidth while maintaining transmission performance, maximize the power of energy saving and let the terminal battery do its best.

It is understood that this BWP solution by MediaTek has been written into the standard of 3GPP Rel-15.

With regard to speed, the Helio M70 has the industry's highest transmission specification for sub-6GHz band of 4.7Gbps, which is the fastest measured speed in the industry. The Huawei Balong 5000 achieves 4.6Gbps in the Sub-6GHz band and the Qualcomm X50 in the Sub-6GHz band. It's 2.3Gbps.

With respect to 5G chip maturity, "IMT-2020 (5G) Summit in 2019" announced the current 5G chip test situation: HiSilicon, MediaTek supports SA / NSA network mode and Hess finished indoor and For outdoor testing, MediaTek completed the indoor test, Qualcomm completed NSA test.

Therefore, MediaTek's 5G chip is not only the leader in low power and upgrading technology but also the fastest in the 5G peak speed.

"It can be said that MediaTek's 5G chip technology does not lose the strongest chip that everyone thinks." Fu Yikang said.

Compared to 4Gs a little outdated, MediaTek has taken the lead in 5G and is in the lead of 5G. According to reports, OV has begun to consider MediaTek and Samsung 5G baseband chips.

Previously, the latest 5G SOC chip adopted the MediaTek 7nm process. This year, Q3 will deliver samples to larger customers. The first terminals equipped with 5G SOC will be available in the first quarter of 2020.


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