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The film about the Pope received 12.5 million, Prušinovský 10 for a bizarre road film

Director Tomasz Mielnik is filming his second feature film, The Chosen One (his debut Journey to Rome was his graduation project at FAMU). A historical film about Pope Gregory the Great is chosen, which took care of the sick and poor and distributed some of the church’s property to the people. Jan Prušinovsky’s Grand Prix (Cobras and Orms, District Championship) …

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John Lennon’s killer apologized for the “heinous act”. He says he regrets the murders every day World

New York Forty years after John Lennon’s death, his killer Mark Chapman apologizes to the BBC. He apologized to Lennon’s wife, Yoko Ono, who was present at the 1980 murder. During the hearing, the killer further claimed that he was ready to live in prison for the rest of his life and called the act “disgusting”. He also said he …

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Heydrich as a rock star. The game of murdering a protector is a real cut

At the Pod Palmovkou Theater in Prague, they are reminiscent of Operation Anthropoid. The play, called 294 Brave, a documentary fiction behind the scenes of the murder of Reinhard Heydrich, was written and directed by Tomáš Dianiška, and he himself portrayed the imperial patron at the premiere. He talks about the heroic power of the resistance fighters and the brutal …

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Tereza Fajksov: Miss Earth 2012 is the second time

I see that due to the mm proportions it is no longer possible to keep it a secret, also an official … little little dumping, Tereza Fajksov wrote on Instagram this morning. The vomiting period (and 20 times a day) and anorexia are overwhelmed by me, and it still works for me. The only thing we want from the heart …

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Stallone: ​​Mom went as she always wanted

“Our mother Jackie Stallone left us this morning. She was the mother of three sons – Tommy, Sylvester, Frankie – and a daughter, Toni Ann. She died in her sleep, as she always wanted to,” Frank Stallone wrote on Instagram on Tuesday morning. “It was hard not to like her. She was very eccentric. Born on November 29, 1921 in …

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Do not have to get over it! Discovered in Bertramka after her husband’s death

Ivana Macháčková was never Karel Gott’s wife, because Karel Gott never loved her, and vice versa. Ivana Macháčková only wants to use people and has relationships in the bedroom with men working in the media, and with that, Ivana Macháčková often got photo montages and fake videos with Karel Gott and children made and published. The film “Karel” is also …

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