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The people argue with Menzel in one hand and with a pencil. Thank you, Price

For vigilant appointments, write appropriate precautions to prevent coronavirus outbreaks. Pedestrians enter the Rudolfinum building in maximum pairs and must have handkerchiefs.


Message from Miloent Vystril, Chairman of Sentu R.

Condolence books are available in the city and the applicant also has the people to have their writing materials ready, because otherwise they would need to be disinfected after each use. The building̵

7;s foyer is decorated with Menzel’s popular sunflowers. The director’s widow, Olga Menzelov, made the bag so that people would not have wreaths, so flowers lay in front of the building. Rudolfinum will be open until 18:00.

The director’s wife herself will not be attending the public event. Blesk.cz said she had to take tests and is in quarantine.

Milo Vystril, chairman of Sent, wrote in the condolence book among the first. He laid a bouquet of sunflowers in the park at eight in the morning. Flowers were later donated by the Mayor of Prague, Zdek Hib. Vnec was sent by the Chamber of Deputies of the Czech Parliament.

Actor Viktor Preiss also came to say goodbye to the famous director for the last time. I have not taken a film with him, but we did a lot together at the theater in Vinohrady. Different lines, especially comedies. One of them went out and until recently. There was a beetle in my head. I learned a lot with him, how he wants a mouth, how a joke. He did not want the actors to dissect on stage, he wanted them to be born, Preiss remembered Menzel.

I visited him in his apartment here in Bevnov, we took a nap and talked about his health options. He was very first. And what would I say to him? thank you very much, the actor added.

Due to the monuments for the protection of the building, it is not possible to sit on the stairs to Rudolfinum. However, it is possible to do so in a nearby park, where the exhibition Rozmarn lta Jiho Menzela takes place.

The area in front of Rudolfinum is lined with panels reminiscent of individual films by the famous director. Introduce them to the plaques of the image and according to its various versions abroad. The panels are arranged chronologically from the Oste-supervised train to the last Donajny. He then summarized Menzel’s collaboration with Bohumil Hrabal and you his theater activities.

Ji Menzel dog 5: ez; veejn poheb si nepl. Since reisr was buried, there will be no coffin with the remains in the public final.

Olga Menzelov on Facebook thanked you for your condolences. You really have to keep Jirka alive, and you got to know him personally or through his films and plays, which he directed. Therefore, the premises in Rudolfinum open the foyer for everyone on Friday from 18:00 to 10:00, where you will be able to say goodbye to Jirka in person, Menzelov wrote.

Reverence is linked to the music festival Dvokova Praha, where in the evening the compositions of the most popular composer Mr. Menzel Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart were performed by Menzel’s assistant Mla dov.

The film director, theater creator and actor died at the age of 82. As one of the young Czech filmmakers who won the American Film Academy, he became known for Czech film at St. Karari’s arrest. He received an Oscar for his film Oste Watched by Trains from 1966, based on Bohumil Hrabal’s romance. According to his books, toilets Menzel and later, gave him the songs that led to the audience and still feature films, provided by Zdenk Svrk.