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American journalist died shortly after arriving in Istanbul

A vehicle carries the body of journalist Andre Wilczek

DHA via AP

Russian-American journalist Andre Wilczek was found dead in his rented car shortly after arriving in Istanbul.

Vilcek, 57, and his wife, Rossi Indira, and their two drivers returned from Samsun, where they had stayed for nine days before heading to Istanbul.

According to Turkish security sources, as they approached a hotel in the Karakϊy area, Rossi Indira Vilcek noticed that her husband was not moving. He called for first aid and doctors confirmed the journalist̵

7;s death.

Indira Rossi Vilcek told doctors that her husband had paralysis in one leg, suffered from diabetes and took two types of medication.

Istanbul prosecutors have launched an investigation into his death and the area around Wilcek’s vehicle has been cordoned off by police. According to Turkish media, both his wife and the two drivers will be questioned in the case.

Wilcek, a US citizen born in the former Soviet Union, has covered dozens of war zones and conflicts from Iraq, Peru to Sri Lanka, Bosnia, Rwanda, Syria, the Democratic Republic of Congo and the east. . Sometimes he wrote articles for the German newspaper Der Spiegel, but also for the Guardian.

He described himself on his website as a writer, philosopher, filmmaker and investigative journalist, but also as a “revolutionary, internationalist and world traveler fighting against Western imperialism and the Western regime that has been introduced to the world.”

He has authored a number of books, including On Western Terrorism: From Hiroshima to the Drone War, with linguist and researcher Noam Chomsky.

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