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AEK: Development with Simao, Deletic

Discussions about David Simao and Deletics’ departure are expected to take place at AEK after the match with St. Gallen. In the match with St. The ball for the third qualifier in the Europa League, they have now turned their attention to AEK. In the Union, however, it is not excluded that after this match there may be developments regarding …

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UEFA points: PAOK – Greece did not add new points

UEFA CLASSIFICATION: # Country 16/17 17/18 18/19 19/20 20/21 Degrees Groups 1 Spain 20,142 19,714 19,571 th most common 18,928 th most common 2,500 80,855 7/7 2 England 14,928 20,071 22,642 18,571 2,500 78,712 7/7 3 Italy 14,250 17,333 12,642 14,928 2,500 61,653 7/7 4 Germany 14,571 9,857 15,214 18,714 2,500 60,856 7/7 5 France 14,416 th most common 11,500 …

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In PAOK’s hand is the qualifier – Charlie

YOU LOOKED RIGHT INTO YOUR EYES Krasnodar has units that have the ability to create certain quality partnerships. Touching the ball at Berg’s back, playing Kabela, Vilena, Wanderson and they constantly made you feel that they do not have a working plan in any part of the game and when the ball was lost, their defense was ready to give …

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PAOK: The eleven against Krasnodar – PAOK

The eleven consist of: Zivkovic, Crespo, Ingason, Varela, Michailidi, Giannouli, A. Zivkovic, El Kantouri, Swab, Pelka, Tzoli. Alternatives are: Paschalakis, Mihai, Svinderski, Pereira, Biseswar, Esiti, Ninua. Krasnodar team: Safonov, Ramires, Sorokin, Kayo, Petrofa, Kabela, Filena, Olasson, Berg, Claesson, Wanderson. Source link

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Aris: Charisteas – Aris resigned

Diligence: Dimitris Samolis Publication: 22 Sep 2020 15:20 After Michael Enning, Angelos Charisteas is a thing of the past for Aris, who announced his resignation from PAE via his Instagram account. Source link

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Official: Panathinaikos and NOVA! – All green

Official: Panathinaikos and NOVA! All green “PAO risks losing the year” Panathinaikos24.gr “Relevance” of NOVA for Panathinaikos! All green Alafouzos “protects” Panathinaikos TV! All green View full coverage in the Google News app Source link

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