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Dermitzakis at MEGA: If we do a lock now, we will do it again in December

Manolis Dermitzakis, Professor of Medicine at the University of Geneva, spoke against the introduction of a lockdown and spoke to MEGA

“It’s not a good idea. We have to stop and find a combination of other measures before we get there. Keep this solution for later. The winter will be more difficult. If we need a lock to keep the goals down, we have a problem “Because it is not a profitable solution. If we do shutdown now, we will do it again in December. This is not a sustainable way to deal with”, he stressed characteristically.

Of course, he stressed that if the increase in cases continues, probably if a lockdown is introduced.

Regarding the exponential increase in the number of cases of coronavirus in our country, he noted that if the situation continues like this, we will have 800-1

000 cases per day in December.

“Because in the winter, there will be a lot more shipments due to the fact that we will be indoors,” he added.

“We have a very large number of cases. We are in a critical situation.” And the seasonal flu has not started yet, “he pointed out.

For the possibility of imposing a lockwdown from midnight to morning, he argued that it could be a measure, but favored the use of a mask.

“The most sensible measure should be masks everywhere. An action that is easier to implement than telling the world to go in until 10pm at night,” he said.

Finally, regarding the statement he had made about communion, and that it should first be stopped and then the companies should be closed, he clarified that “all aspects of our business should be considered as possible sources of transmission. Let’s look at things scientifically. Broadcast hotspots are everywhere. a little so that we do not reach the lock again. We can not rule out transfer to the church. “There are priests who have become ill and a priest who has died.”

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