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In PAOK’s hand is the qualifier – Charlie


Krasnodar has units that have the ability to create certain quality partnerships. Touching the ball at Berg’s back, playing Kabela, Vilena, Wanderson and they constantly made you feel that they do not have a working plan in any part of the game and when the ball was lost, their defense was ready to give up.

You could see in their eyes that they were ready to bow. This fear that they expressed to the opponent in every offensive action must be kept as a vehicle by the players of PAOK and not allow to be excluded from this opponent. This year, do not miss the opportunity to qualify for the Champions League groups.

On Tuesday in Krasnodar, an opportunity was lost, for PAOK to go with a serious advantage in the replay in Toumba, but next week no mistakes will be forgiven, Ferreira̵

7;s players, it is not enough to play well. They have to kill an opponent, who defensively does not want much to bend. No matter how good Campella, Vilena, Wanderson, Berg are, the development of Krasnodar is based solely on their individual talent and when the ball is lost, there is uncertainty.


PAOK showed a good mentality and many times in football the result does not reflect the image of the game. He lost a penalty early without discouraging his psychology, he succeeded and took the lead in the score, with an impressive collaboration between three players and there was no interval in the match, to be worse than the opponent. When needed, PAOK players could smell victory in the air. He also retained the ability that characterized this year’s PAOK, with a pass that a vertical run can create a clear opportunity. With the participation of three football players, the goal came for Pelkas who gave the lead.


The most dominating Gianoulis player was without a doubt Gianoulis. In modern football, the big back is not marked by his ability to score goals. After all, the football players’ skills have developed to such an extent that it is almost impossible to effectively mark in the long run, a football player attacking your space. To defend you have to catch the ball, you have to force the winger to play defense.

Gianoulis limited Wanderson, one of the best dribblers, by his aggression. In fact, he turned the Brazilian winger into a weak link in his team, as he took advantage of the fact that he could not face him. He took all the measures given to him and constantly offered the right to his team to be able to attack.

An own vertical pass in Zivkovic’s moves, made the Russians defense and then Zivkovic’s cooperation, Pelka brought with PAOK’s goal. An action from his left, could have given a goal half qualification. But so is football, the phase to make it 1-2 came out, Gianoulis went all the way in, passed the ball parallel to Kantouri, the Moroccan made a very smart shot, but the ball went sweet to the crossbar.


Two minutes later, Kabela and Berg defeated PAOK’s defense and the French player entered the net with the ball. It is a given that biceps, neither a player who knows Campela’s ball is in the center nor a striker in Berg’s class, but this season he is better as a whole, he is a closer team than Krasnodar and this historic opportunity to get into Champions League groups, it is not possible to let it go to waste.


He had a difficult task defending against a team that would have a permanent midfielder on his shoulder and at the same time twins on the sides. As with Benfica, it was a very good job during the regular season. Zivkovic was the one who took a player’s effort from the shoulder, went to get the first ball and then came from behind aggressively, either Kantouri or Swab. It was obligatory that this should happen, so that Swab, Kandouri would not have a numerical disadvantage. An element that in many cases makes you stay low so that your lines do not open.

However, PAOK always had a very fast offensive transition in every won duel. I was very impressed by Crespo’s commitment to its role. The Spanish stopper, played with great frequency, in extreme meters, he did it when PAOK was in an attacking position, but also in attempts that were there to defend and shoot high. He responded extremely well, in actions and in places that did not suit him.

The only one who could not fulfill his role in the game was the young Tzolis. From this point of view, however, Gianoulis’ presence created fear in the opponent and I understand Ferreira who did not make the decision that the arena showed him, to replace him faster, because he invested in his ability, to finish the phases correctly and PAOK, showed how he can create an opportunity when any. At the end of the match, the feeling that PAOK did not win anything, is left from a game that gave everything. But he holds as a dowry the confidence that his superiority definitely gave him on the pitch.

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