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How Cloud HR Software Can Help Employees Cope with Workplace Stress



Stress in the workplace is more than just an annoyance, it can have a big impact on productivity levels and the health of your employees. But with the correct system in place to combat stress, your staff will feel supported and motivated. Using a cloud HR system, you can provide a better working environment that will boost morale, create a great company culture and improve employee retention rates. These tips can go a long way towards creating a calmer workplace where each employee feels supported and productive.

Make the Priorities Clear

Most people have felt overwhelmed at some point at work and it’s often because we’re trying to do too much at one time, or because there’s a feeling of no control over projects or task lists. But this is an easy problem to resolve – simply clarify the goals and make priorities clear. By doing this, you can provide employees with a clear list of what needs to be achieved each day which will help them to focus their time more effectively. When working on complex projects, breaking down the list of tasks into priorities makes it feel more manageable and less overwhelming.

Open Up the Lines of Communication

Stress is always exacerbated by isolation and it can be a common problem in workplaces where the lines of communication feel closed off. But having a safe space where people can talk openly and honestly about how they’re feeling is key to reducing stress. Whether it’s allowing staff to schedule in meetings with HR or their manager or providing a dedicated avenue such as a Slack channel or an email for staff to use, providing communication options helps people feel less alone.

Be a Positive Role Model

When other team members are constantly working, it can make individuals feel like they should be doing the same, even if they’re feeling overwhelmed. But having line managers who are a positive role model is important to providing permission for others to take regular breaks, not work on holidays and look after their mental health. It’s also beneficial to provide training to staff and workshops to provide them with tips and techniques on how they can manage their mental wellbeing at work. Using HR software, you can ensure that training sessions are put in place as well as uploading guides and reminders so that staff are prompted to check in with their stress levels regularly.

Maximise the Use of Technology

Technology can be used to great effect to simplify employees’ lives and make processes smoother. From templates to assign tasks more easily to creating deadlines and managing how many tasks each staff member has, tech can be used to ensure that no-one is undergoing more stress than another. HR software has user-friendly dashboards that make easy to prioritise tasks and keep a clear overview of the projects at hand, so they can be reallocated in order to meet deadlines without stress.