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only Into the Breach saves the reviews this week – Nerd4.life

Solo Into the Breach for Nintendo Switch (35/40) manages to save Famitsu promises this week, which otherwise gives lukewarm, if not very critical, assessments. Still reviews there are many, but out of ten games, only one seems to have convinced the editors of the historical Japanese newspaper. Followed by NBA 2K21 and MO: Deviation with a narrow 31/40. After all, …

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Google Chrome is about to lose a historical feature: that’s why

Google Chrome is about to lose a historical feature. This was revealed directly by the Mountain View giant, who also explained the reasons that led to this choice after so many years. In particular, as reported by The Verge and illustrated by the same company from Mountain View on the official blog dedicated to developers, now developers can no longer …

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will the first two chapters return only on PS5 and PC?

In the last hours new rumors has returned to animating future buyers of PlayStation 5 and beyond, as one insider claims that we will soon be watching Metal Gear Solid and Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty. It was the user who expected the two games to return Potterson of ResetEra, who wrote a post where he expects the …

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980 PRO is Samsung’s SSD with superior performance for video games – Nerd4.life

Samsung presented 980 PRO, a SSD give her superior performance designed for video games and advanced computers. This is its first PCIe 4.0 NVMe SSD for the consumer market, aimed at professionals and consumers who want advanced performance. “Over the years, Samsung has continued to make innovations that overcome the technical limitations in the design and performance of SSDs,” says …

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Devolver Digital conjures up Microsoft and especially Sony and announces that they have bought Konami – Nerd4.life

Return Digital announced that he has acquired Konami. Of course, this is a joke. More than anything else of a troll against Microsoft, which has just announced that it has acquired Zenimax, with all the related studios (we imagine you did not miss the news yesterday) and, especially against Sony, asked its users to buy it a lot Japanese publisher …

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Ori and the Wisps Will for Nintendo Switch, review

The second episode of the series signed by Moon Studios makes its surprising debut on eShop: the review of Ori and Wisps Will for Nintendo Switch We thought we would never write review di Ori and Wisp’s will per Nintendo Switch. The reason is said soon: it seemed that both Moon Studios and Microsoft had little intention of bringing the …

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