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Diabetes is prevented and best fought in two

They called it a non-infectious epidemic to give the dimensions of a disease that is gradually becoming a threat to many people’s health and public health.

We are talking about diabetes, which first and foremost recognizes bad habits unhealthy nutrition and low physical activity, one of the mechanisms that trigger metabolic changes. A healthy lifestyle is therefore the first weapon for prevention.

If possible, better than that she and he “allied” in this challenge: in this way, the results in terms of prevention and control of the pathology seem superior. To say that it is a Danish research that was presented at the congress of the European Association for the Study of Diabetes (EASD).

Love is the foundation of healthy habits

The study was conducted at the University of Aarhus and examined data from a research (Study Maastricht) that aimed to understand the causes, complications and other aspects of type 2 diabetes, which occur in adults.

Evaluates over 1

70 pairs in terms of the mechanisms of disease genes and risk factors – from the presence of “stomach” to the proportion of body fat, to the time of physical activity, which passes through the diet – the experts also measured the values ​​of post-prandial glycemia and glycated hemoglobin, most reliable parameter to know the blood sugar level in the months before the check-up.

When it comes to nutrition, women’s choice also becomes a kind of “rule” for men with a greater tendency to follow one healthy eating together. For women, however, it seems easier to do regular physical activity if the partner also becomes a stimulus for this healthy habit.

To agree and make health choices together, from what happens at the table to the desire to wear overalls and shoes and run, walk or do exercises for two in the gym, becomes real the best strategy to control blood sugar and prevent diabetes, as well as positively changed attitudes even if the disease is already present.

According to the Danish experts, specific public health measures aimed at couples should also be planned to counteract the progress of the disease and, above all, the risks associated with it.

Why you need to be careful

The failure to control diabetes, especially when it is associated with other risk factors for blood vessels – such as obesity, cigarette smoking, increased cholesterol and high blood pressure – accelerates the emergence of dangerous complications. These can affect small vessels (microangiopathies) or larger arteries (macroangiopathies).

The overall risk of cardiovascular disease is more than doubled in people with diabetes, with an increase proportional to the degree of glycemic decompensation and a further increase in the dangers if other factors such as those mentioned above are present.

For example, the risk of heart attack increases in hypertensive patients with diabetes. Persistent high levels of glucose in the blood together with dyslipidemia and high blood pressure accelerate thickening and hardening of the arteries (atherosclerosis and atherosclerosis) that cause coronary heart disease and of the arteries that carry blood to the brain, which promotes the development of heart attack and stroke.

The risk and severity of the various problems increase with the success of diabetes and therefore the control of the disease is the most effective weapon to prevent or at least delay its onset.

In addition, diabetes can damage vision, cause a retinopathy linked to the lesion in the blood vessels at the back of the eye, cause kidney problems, with progressive loss of the kidney of its filter activity, induce a neuropathy, with damage to the nervous system, favor the appearance of the diabetic foot, with vascular and nerve damage that can cause severe bone deformities and ulceration.

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