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Medjugorje, last message to the visionary Ivan: “If you do not pray ..”

The visionary Ivan Dragicevic from Medjugorje received an extraordinary message during the Virgin’s revelation that he has every day.

Extraordinary message to Ivan on 15 August 2020

Ivan, Vicka and Marija are three of the six Medjugorje ss who still have the daily revelation.
Searan Ivan Dragicevic is currently in Boston, USA, where he lives with his wife and children.

Our Lady in her message to Ivan of September 19, 2020 he gives us a very important warning for our life in faith. It warns us to without prayer we can not discover the project you have for each of us. And that without prayer we risk being enchanted by Satan’s seductive and deceptive work. Our lady is a mother who is well aware of the dangers we her children encounter. And he never tires of reminding us what the weapon is to avoid being overwhelmed by evil: prayer.

Message to the visionary Ivan on September 19, 2020

“Dear children,

if you do not pray you can not discover, you can not feel my love, you can not discover the plan, the project I have with you.

I urge you to pray that Satan does not entice you with his arrogance, his arrogance and his false power.

Thank you, dear children, because tonight you answered my call ”.

Simona Amabene

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