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¿Azules o rojos? Filter the almost eliminated ‘Exatlón’ and get angry against TV Azteca

Mexico City.- While doing another domination of elimination in Exatlón Mexico, llegan los ‘spoilers’ of who will be the new eliminated from the week of the competence of Aztec TV.

With the entry of new refunds, Exatlón it is cabeza, and in the middle of all this chaos, it filters out the elimination of the nearest domingo. ¿Serán de los rojos (Titanes) o los azules (Heroes)?

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6;La Voz’ y lo reemplaza con exacadémico

More information from Just Keyla, the team azul estaría in elimination new lie that the end of week passed salary Pamela Verdirame, of the red team.

Nataly’s step was in danger, but Pamela’s salvo and salio, as the azules followed in danger. It is now known that the azules will undergo a disastrous week and the final elimination duel will be lost, because at the end of the week the three are at risk. Natali Brito, Evelyn Guijarro y Valery Carranza, todas azules “.

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Following the Youtube channel Chismépolis, of these three competitors, Valery has a medal, which will be used to save, without embarrassment, the other two will not be corrected with the same mistake.

Everything between Nataly Brito and Evelyn Guijarro, the most powerful in the blue team “.

I would like to hope for some days to know which of these are actually the skills produced by Antonio Rosique. Users will vote against Aztec TV for the sole purpose of giving more to the red team and then reacting:

Pero le tocan a hombres salir por qué mujeres “.

And it is clear that there will be integrative azules, then they can integrate very good things, called TV Azteca “.

Ojalá saliera Cecilia “.

Toca sacar a un hombre ya “.

Source: ‘Chismépolis’ YouTube Channel


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