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The mystery of the 2 billion pesos

On Monday, February 10 this year, Alejandro Gertz attended the morning and gave the president, so that he could send it to the institute to give back to the people the stolen (Indep), a check for 2 billion pesos. He said it was part of a “repair of the damage” procedure that had not been completed – he said that the night before they were still in that process – and that he could not say anything else because it had not been registered in court. The complaint came from the legal department.

They were, it must be said, bad times for the prosecutor. Weeks earlier, he had put forward a judicial reform that had been a disaster and had been scrapped; Before that Monday, his alleged resignation had been read out. And those were the first days when the president talked about the aviation lottery and how everyone had to express it.

After the conference, they were told and the president confirmed that the money came from alleged irregularities in Infonavit. During the last six years, a company had been awarded a contract to build a website and a system to streamline credit mobility. For several reasons that there is no room here to explain that the system never saw the light of day, the contract gave individuals the intellectual property rights to the names belonging to Infonavit, so the institute, at the end of the last six-year period, decided to terminate the agreement. penalty 5 thousand 88 million pesos. There were plenty of suspicions about the transaction, but the original contract was so unfavorable to the institution that the figure had even been cheap. In a strictly legal sense, the agreement and since then the cancellation and payment of fines was a closed issue.

Yesterday, in his farewell letter from Indep, Jaime Cárdenas says that they gave 2 billion to the lottery for the lottery, but not those from the check. They, Cárdenas says, are “waiting for a settlement”

; with the prosecution, even though they are invested and generating interest.

What is missing to unite? So far we do not know what the legal adviser reported. On what grounds and for what crime were the 2 billion found. Why did they not reach Infonavit, that is, the workers? Can Infonavit accept them? Is there a meaning, even a process, in that case? And the other 3 billion? Questions for a Wednesday.


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