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Wikitek, the Moroccan collaboration platform that opens up the African digital world

The African digital world now has its collaboration platform Wikitek.africa, initiated by the digital agency TEK INSIDE.

Wikitek.africa is the result of the collaboration between young digital enthusiasts from the agency TEK INSIDE and wants to be a collaboration platform with varied and latest information.

At TEK INSIDE, we are proud to promote Morocco on the continental digital stage. Morocco has all the skills to take its place on the pioneer of pioneering countries in digital at the African level, and we are here to prove it. “, says Tarik Zghinou, CEO of the agency TEK INSIDE.

Wikitek thus chooses a collaborative method based on the permanent updating of a list of current issues by a team of free and autonomous contributors, aware of the permanent movement that the digital world is experiencing.

“The collaboration platform WIKITEK.africa was designed to be a digital information center, created for young Africans past young Africans. At the moment, all ideas there have been conceived, created, developed and distributed by a dozen passionate volunteer donors. Our ambition is to expand this core of donors to all African countries. “, adds the same source.

WIKITEK.africa has chosen to choose an inclusive approach towards its contributors. By letting their interests express themselves and letting them give real style and writing freedom, the platform wants to reflect what interests young Africans today.

In addition, the platform aims to give them visibility on a continental scale with their peers and potential customers or partners.

WIKITEK.africa is aimed at readers of all ages and from all backgrounds, with one thing in common: an undeniable interest in digital.

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