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John Lennon Killer apologizes for “Despicable Act” | NOW

Mark Chapman, the man who killed singer John Lennon in December 1980, apologized to his widow Yoko Ono 40 years after the murder. Various British media report this on Tuesday.

It was previously announced that after a hearing on 19 August, a request for detention was rejected for the eleventh time. Various British media now report that Chapman said at the hearing that he killed Lennon for “fame” and that he “deserved the death penalty”.

He added that he thought about the “contemptuous act” all the time and accepted that he would have to spend the rest of his life in prison.

“It was an extremely selfish act,”

; says Chapman. “I’m sorry for the pain I’ve caused. I think about it all the time.”

‘Anyone can be his victim’

Chapman shot 40-year-old Lennon outside his New York apartment in 1980, while Ono walked beside him. In 2015, the Japanese artist said The Daily Beast that she lived in fear that he might be released.

“If he did it once, he could do it again on someone else. I could be the victim, it could be Sean (son of Lennon and Ono, eds.). It could be anyone. There are concerns.”

Chapman has been sentenced to 20 years in prison. Ono has so far questioned all of Chapman’s requests for custody. He can ask for a release again in 2022.

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