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Here’s some bad news about the coronavirus

The corona virus We will never get rid of it. No matter what we do, the virus will never disappear from the face of the earth. The good news, though, is that we can control it with a vaccine. On May 13 this year, Dr. Michael Ryan, director of WHO’s emergency programs, said we would probably never get rid of …

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Can hair coloring increase the risk of cancer?

It is very common to dye your hair in western countries such as Europe and the United States. Over half of all women over the age of 40 dye their hair, estimates show. And a few percent of men. But can hair dyes increase the risk of getting cancer? Previous studies have suggested that women who dye their hair regularly …

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Coronavirus – The drain can reveal the spread of the corona

Coronavirus can be measured in wastewater and outbreaks can be detected earlier if samples of wastewater are taken, writes Danish Ekstrabladet. This emerges from a study from Paris, writes Illustreret Videnskab. The study, which has not yet been reviewed by colleagues, was conducted March 5 to April 23. Researchers have found genetic material, RNA, from coronavirus in sewage samples. This …

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– Pregnant women who have been vaccinated against swine flu may have peace of mind

If the child got autism, it was not their fault, says the researcher behind a large study. More children are diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder now than before. Many researchers are looking for an explanation, but there is still a lot left before we know what makes someone get this developmental disorder, something that forskning.no has written about before. Previous …

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Experts warn of tough corona fall

The fear of a new “second wave” of Covid-19 infection this fall and winter is very real. On Monday, the WHO reported a record increase daily in infection cases, with 307,930 new cases worldwide in 24 hours. India, the USA and Brazil are the countries where the increase is fastest now, but Spain, France and the UK also have a …

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Covid-19 can cause discomfort long after the infection is over. But late injuries after infections are nothing new at all

Stories keep popping up in the media about people who have had covid-19 and are still affected several months after getting rid of the infection. Like 53-year-old Tom Rosenvinge, who was in the hospital with a very serious covid-19 infection. He told about the after-effects of the disease in this case from the National Association for Public Health on forskning.no. …

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