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De Bruyne ravaged when City fled in terror – VG

(Wolverhampton-Manchester City 1-3) Kevin De Bruyne (29) held a playroom with Wolverhampton for 45 delicious minutes. But the city collapse in the second half should worry Pep Guardiola (49).

Manchester City showed both very light and dark sides of themselves when Wolverhampton beat Molineux 3-1 on Monday night.

– I had expected that we would fight sometimes, says City manager Pep Guardiola in an interview shown on TV 2 Sport Premium.

He explained it with the short and tough season rise of the last two weeks, and he “complained” about tired legs.

– We need more time before we are in our best shape, but it is a good start to win here, he added.

Gabriel Jesus scored the 3-1 goal and set a new goal record in a Premier League round as long as the league has consisted of 20 teams (1995/1996 season), according to Sky Sports. The record now stands at 44 goals.

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Everything looked perfect for Pep Guardiola’s city: Last season’s best Premier League player, Kevin De Bruyne, continued where he left off. The 29-year-old did almost what he wanted. He got a penalty kick, did it himself on the penalty kick, was a box opener before Phil Foden’s 2-0 point (assist from Raheem Sterling) – and otherwise he “bossed” the field completely.

Wolverhampton did not understand what was going on on their own pitch and looked completely helpless.

City were pros to the big toe, won all important duels and had full control – even if it was not furious festive attack football all the way.

1-0: Kevin De Bruyne puts in the penalty kick, safe and sound. Photo: Nick Potts / Pool PA

During the second half of the year, a change of scene took place.

Within minutes, Wolverhampton created one gigantic chance after another – without the ball ending up in the net. After a short tussle with the defender, Raul Jimenez finally tucked the ball home.

City were shaken, but instead of 2-2 came 3-1 to Manchester City in overtime, fixed by Jesus. De Bruyne got a cheap assist, which means that the Belgian has been involved in 35 goals since the beginning of last season (14 goals, 21 assists).

Thus, Manchester City have won ten Premier League premieres in a row. Check out this series:

  • 11/12: 4-0 Swansea (h)
  • 12/13: 3-2 Southampton (h)
  • 13/14: 4-0 Newcastle (h)
  • 14/15: 2-0 Newcastle (b)
  • 15/16: 3-0 West Bromwich (b)
  • 16/17: 2-1 Sunderland (h)
  • 17/18: 2-0 Brighton (b)
  • 18/19: 2-0 Arsenal (b)
  • 19/20: 5-0 West Ham (b)
  • 20/21: 3–1 Wolverhampton (b)

Sky Sports expert Jamie Carragher had expected City to lose to Wolverhampton – after seeing several big teams fight in the season’s first league match.

– But how City came out with energy was a real “statement”. City was brilliant at first, he thinks.

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