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– Do not think TV 2 knows what they have set up – VG

“THE FARM” READY: Here are the 14 participants who participate in this autumn’s “The Farm”. From left: Nils Kvalvik, Sindre Nyeng, Wiktoria Rønning, Thor Haavik, Karianne Kopperstad, Daniel Viem Årdal, Karianne Vilde Wølner, Kjetil Kirk, Raymond Røskeland, Jostein Grav, Sanna Khursheed, Lene Egeland Hogstad, Inger Cecilie Grønnerød and Tove Moss Loh. Photo: Espen Solli

HØNEFOSS (VG) Raymond Røskeland is called by host Mads Hansen as «a growing legend». He himself believes that TV viewers will get to see something they have never seen on TV before.

On Tuesday, “Farmen” is back on Norwegian TV screens. One of those participating in the program is construction worker Raymond Røskeland (36) from Osterøy. Host Mads Hansen described the 36-year-old as follows for VG this weekend:

– It is almost unfair to bring individuals forward, but Raymond is a growing legend with so many teams. A Lothepus variant, which turns out to have soft sides.

Leif Einar Lothe (50) participated in the very first “Farmen kjendis” season 2017.

Do you remember this? It ended in full quarrel when participants Vivian Kvarven and Leif Haugo Stavenjord met again during the “Farm” final party last year:

VG met all 14 participants the day before the recording took place at the end of July. At the time, Røskeland made no secret of the fact that he himself also believes that he will work well on TV.

– I will probably stretch the elastic a bit, there are many who get gray hair from me – there is no doubt about that. It is often the case that things get in the way when it comes to all sorts of things. My father says that TV viewers get to see something they have never seen before, and that is also one hundred percent certain. If there’s something I want, I really want it. I have few obstacles. The day they “handed out barricades” at school, I was not there. I certainly walked. But I would never poison the food or anything like that. It will just be easy, says the participant “Farm”.

Last year, there was a very bad mood when participant Leif Haugo Stavenjord (54) was accused of pouring turpentine on the food from the other participants.

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Røskeland was reported on the program by his girlfriend, but was for a long time unsure if he would join. But after deciding to do so, and after he was finally selected, he is very motivated for the task.

– I think this is going to be crappy. Now I have to try to win. Either I smoke out in 14 days, or I win all the shit, he thinks.

– What is it that can irritate you the most with other people?

– When people do not know shit or want shit – and do not know what they want with their lives. When you do not care about anything. I myself am a Christian, but what can also irritate are people who have an insane need to “touch” on such things. Then I told you it’s okay to mean it, but let it be your business. If it then continues, I ask the person to shut up.

LOOKING FORWARD: Raymond Røskeland is one of 14 participants in this autumn’s «The Farm». He feels confident that this will be the “Farm” season of all time and believes he will make good TV. Photo: Espen Solli

In early September, it became known that a 26-year-old priest named Thor Haavik is also among the participants in this year’s season, something that Røskeland did not know anything about when this interview took place.

– So you can be a little angry?

– We must try to stay calm then. We have Norway’s laws to follow in there. But I have temperament, yes. I usually explode, but I think it’s going to be fine. I’m used to working with people. But I do not think that TV 2 knows what they have achieved, he says with a smile.

“FARMEN” STARS: Petter Pilgaard, Vendela Kirsebom and Leif Einar Lothe had a very close relationship during “Farmen kjendis” 2017. Photo: Alex Iversen, TV 2

– Are you so hot that you can get physical?

– He he, we can not. They probably have people who would stop something like that in the yard, but it’s clear – if it turns red enough, you never know. For example, if you go in there hungry, while someone else has filled their food bowl? Then it can probably be fun for most people, says Raymond Røskeland to VG.

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