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Reveals the child’s gender

In May, the good news came that former “Farmen” host Gaute Grøtta Grav (41) is expecting a child with former “Robinson” contestant Cathrine Montero Moen (30)

The baby news revealed the couple for the weekly magazine Se og Hør.

- The happiest in the world

– The happiest in the world

– It is very cozy and we look forward to it. That we will become parents together feels incredibly nice, the 41-year-old told Se og Hør.

Now the couple reveals the child’s gender.

It was VG who first mentioned the case.

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– Wished me a boy

To see and hear, Montero Moen confirms that the couple is expecting a boy.

– Deep down, I wanted a boy. Both because Gaute already has two girls, and because it is nice to have “balance” in the home, I also think it suits me to be the boy’s mother, she writes in a text message and continues:

– I would rather play with ninja turtles than with dolls, I have always been.

Reveals baby and wedding plans

Reveals baby and wedding plans

Furthermore, Montero Moen explains that the pregnancy has been a breeze and that she has not had nausea, acid regurgitation or problems with the pelvis.

– I’m just been a little tired. It is only now, three weeks before term, that my feet have swollen. But the midwife thought it was good and said: “So nice, Cathrine, that you also get to feel pregnant.” So there was no sympathy there, which is completely understandable, she continues.

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– Very ready to give birth

Montero Moen makes no secret of the fact that she feels happy to still be able to go for long walks and be physically active.

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– But it must be said that I am shit and very ready to give birth. No more clothes fit, I sleep badly, I get heavier and short of breath, and everything becomes more awkward and difficult, she says and adds:

– Now everything is fully developed in the boy in the womb, so now he just has to gain weight. It would not have mattered if the water went during the day. Overall, my pregnancy has gone like a dream. I have to have innmari good karma or I’m just incredibly happy.

This is how she reveals the gender of the baby

This is how she reveals her gender
on the child

According to VG, however, several people may have thought that the couple was expecting a girl. Yesterday, Montero Moen shared several videos on her private Instagram, where according to the newspaper it could sound as if she said that “now she can come”, which would turn out not to be the case.

Grøtta Grav explains to the newspaper that they originally had plans to keep the sex secret. This became difficult when Montero Moen was surprised with a baby shower a few weeks ago, and both videos and photos that showed a consistent blue theme were shared on social media.

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Got engaged

Shortly after the baby news, it became known that Grøtta Grav had gone down on his knees and reached Montero Moen. The occasion was the celebration of Moen’s 30th birthday in June.

“I am the happiest lady in the world! The answer was of course YES from both me and my stomach. I could not have asked for a better husband and father for my / our child. We love you,” she wrote on Facebook.

PROMOTING PARENTS: Shortly after it became known that the couple was expecting their first child together, they also revealed their commitment. Photo: Private
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“The opportunity was too good for me to let go; I knelt down and suggested. And Catherine said yes! Very nice to do it in front of everyone we love so much. So now many good things are happening at the same time “, Grøtta Grav wrote in a post on Instagram.

Moen told Se og Hør that the courtship was secret to everyone and that she herself was very surprised.

– He was going to give a speech, and I thought it was nice to have a birthday speech. I also thought he would give me a customs gift. Instead, he went down on his knees, she said on the phone and added:

– It’s the best gift I can get – with the whole family together.

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