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A "Women's Bible" Created By Women's Clients In Times Of #MeToo | The world | Europe

Tired of seeing how the sacred texts are used to motivate the submission of the woman a group of Protestant and Catholic feminist theologians gathered to write a " Women's Bible "

Women presented in translations and interpretations of the Bible are maids, prostitutes or Saints.

But while the movement #MeToo continues to reveal sexual abuse in all cultures and industries, and many feminists ask to put religion aside, an eclectic group of theologians insists that, if they are properly interpreted, Holy Scriptures can be a tool for promoting women's liberation.

"Feminist values ​​and reading of the Bible are not incompatible", Lauriane Savoy insists one of the two professors who stand behind the "Une Bible des Femmes", published in October

This professor at the Faculty of Theology in Geneva, made up of Calvinism's father in 1559, tells us that the thought arose when she and his colleague Elisabeth Parmentier understood how little people know or understand the Biblical texts.

"Many thought they are completely obsolete, they have no meaning in current values ​​of equality," says the AFP professor, 33, under the sculptures of John Calvin and other founder of protestantism on campus in University of Geneva .

To counter such Notions, Savoy and Parmentier, 57, 18 other theologians joined the streams of different countries and Christianities and created a collection of texts that doubt the traditional interpretations of the Bible that present women are weak and subordinate men

Parmentier gives an example of a passage from Luke's gospel where Jesus visits two sisters, Martha and Mary.

"He says Marta guarantees the" service ", which is interpreted as serving food, but the Greek word" diakonia "also has other meanings, which may mean she was a deacon, she says.

– Exit Religious Orthodoxy –

They are not the first to offer a view of the scriptures that are more favorable to women.

Already in 1898, the United States Electoral Rights Elizabeth Cady Stanton and a Committee of 26 Other Women "The Bible of Women "who tried to end the religious orthodoxy that women should be addicted to women. men

The two theologians from Geneva inspired by the text first thought about translating it into French, but later they considered that was obsolete and decided to create a new work according to the time. 19659016] "We wanted to work in an ecumenical way," explains Parmentier, and notes that approximately half of the participants in the project are Catholic o The rest is from different branches of Protestantism.

In the introduction to " A Women's Bible ", the authors explain that the chapters try to "review (…) things that were done, delayed translations, partial interpretations" in the Christian tradition

– "Persistent Patriarchal Readings "-

The writers also warn of" persistent patriarchal readings that have justified many restrictions and prohibitions on women. "

Savoy gives the example of Mary Magdalene: "He was by Jesus when all male disciples were afraid, the first to visit his grave and to discover his resurrection," he said.

"She is a basic character, but she is described as a prostitute (…) even as Jesus lover in the latest fictions."

Academics also try to contextualize the texts. For example, some letters of letters sent by Paul to Christian communities may be considered anti-leading and read as instructions for how women should be treated today is nonsense, says Parmentier.

"It's like considering a letter sent by someone to give advice valid for all eternity," he insists.

The authors consider their work to be a useful tool in time #MeToo .

"Each chapter deals with existential issues for women, questions that they themselves are asking at present," says Parmentier.

"While some say it's a feminist, you have to throw away the Bible, we think otherwise," he says.

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