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A crisis in the government. Zbigniew Ziobro heard the proposal from Jarosław Kaczyński, PiS awaits reply

Law and justice await Solidarna Polska’s response to the “conditions for the continuation of the coalition” that Zbigniew Ziobro would hear during the meeting with Jarosław Kaczyński. “This is not a question of an ultimatum,” said PiS spokeswoman Anita Czerwińska. On Wednesday, law and justice authorities will meet again at the group’s headquarters on Nowogrodzka Street to discuss the government crisis.

The spokeswoman for the party Law and Justice announced on Tuesday that PiS President Jarosław Kaczyński during the meeting on Monday evening with the head of the Solidarity Pole, Zbigniew Ziobra, presented the conditions for continued coalition. ̵

1; At the moment we are waiting for a decision, for a response from Solidarity Poland – said Anita Czerwińska in Polish Radio.


Zbigniew Ziobro, leader of the Solidarity PoleRadek Pietruszka / PAP

“The question of the next few hours”

– It’s not about an ultimatum. It was an interview during which the terms were discussed and right now we are waiting for an answer. I think it’s a question of the next few hours when we get such an answer – added a PiS spokeswoman. She expressed hope for a “positive response” from the Solidarity Pole, which – as she added – would lead to “survival” for the united right.

Another party leadership meeting on the future of the UN right will be held on Wednesday at 13 at the headquarters for law and justice.

Kaczyński-Ziobro met at nightTVN24

On Tuesday, at the headquarters of the Law and Justice Party on Nowogrodzka Street in Warsaw, PiS President Jarosław Kaczyński met the president of the agreement, Jarosław Gowin. The two politicians were also joined by Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki and former Sejm speaker, PiS MP Marek Kuchciński.

The meeting ended around 18.00. When the Polish press agency informed the source in Prawia in Justice, the main topic of conversation was the future of the united right.

Prime Minister Morawiecki appeared at Nowogrodzka for the second timeTVN24

The crisis in the governing coalition

Talks on the reconstruction of the government were suspended after Solidarna Polska voted against the amendment of the law on animal welfare through law and justice night to Thursday to Friday. Even before the vote, the head of the Law and Justice Club, Ryszard Terlecki, said that talks on reconstruction were suspended due to disagreements.

In the end, all members of Solidarity Poland voted against the law. Later, politicians from law and justice repeatedly emphasized that the coalition for the united right (law and justice, the pole of solidarity and agreements) no longer exists.

“Time to say: I’m checking”

Regardless of the arrangements made in the ruling coalition regarding the future of the Minister of Justice in the government of the United Right, the opposition decided to present a motion of no confidence in Zbigniew Ziobro, the head of the Ministry of Justice and the prosecutor. This was announced on Tuesday by the head of the Civic Coalition Club and the chairman of the Civic Platform Borys Budka.

Budka: KO submits a motion of censure against Zbigniew ZiobroTVN24

According to him, Ziobro destroyed the judiciary and the prosecutor’s office. – Time to say: check – said Budka at a briefing in Sejm, where he spoke with the leaders of other KO groups: Małgorzata Tracz, Barbara Nowacka and Adam Szłapka. – We want to see if that’s all he talks about [prezes PiS – przyp. red.] Jarosław Kaczyński and his people are true, or as always, prime ministers [Mateusz – red.] Morawiecki and Jarosław Kaczyński will stand by the man who destroyed the judiciary and the Polish prosecutor’s office – said the chairman of the PO.

– We want to see if [Jarosław – red.] Kaczyński will keep his word and this unique pest of the Polish judiciary, which is Zbigniew Ziobro, will finally cease this function – said Budka. The PO leader claimed that “today the man who determines the absolute impunity of the people in power is the prosecutor Zbigniew Ziobro” and that “his activities have made the prosecutor extremely politicized”.

The announcement of further proposals for no confidence

– Today, Zbigniew Ziobro pretends to defend the entry into force of the so-called impunity act, still wants to be the one in whose hands lies the fate of the current ministers or prime ministers [Mateusza – red.] Morawiecki. We want to remember all the scandals that did not end up in court just because the prosecutor’s office is extremely politicized, said the head of the PO.

KO leaders also announced that they would present a motion of censure to subsequent ministers and finally a motion for a constructive motion of censure to the entire government.

“Voters would have a very negative view of the collapse of the United Right”TVN24

Main photo source: Radek Pietruszka / PAP

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