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Anna Lewandowska shared her complexes. It’s hard to believe them

Anna Lewandowska is today considered one of the best and most athletic coaches in Poland. Robert Lewandowski’s wife has been building her fitness empire for several years and offers her observers not only exercise inspirations but also nutritional plans. Although she has a perfectly sculpted figure, she is also familiar with complexes.

Anna Lewandowska told about her complexes

Anna Lewandowska makes sure to have good contact with her Instagram followers (and she already has almost 3 million of them). Sometimes the coach allows himself a little privacy and intimacy and shares his own thoughts with them. This time, the star took up the subject of complex in a long post.

I well remember the time when I lived in Podkowa Leśna as a teenager. Distracted Ania struggled with the same doubts and complexities that all the girls ̵

1; admitted.

As she later explained, not only did the sport help her build self-confidence but also relationships with other women. Mutual motivation and learning from each other gave the expected results. Lewandowska also added that her way of dealing with complexes was also to list strengths.

I listened to my strengths and then read the list aloud. In moments of doubt, recurring doubts, I look back at my notes.

Finally, she encouraged her observers to follow similar methods and revealed that her strengths were diligence, positive attitude and discipline.

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