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Dan Negru, suspended from TVR. What annoyed his bosses: “I did not get my salary in three months!”

Dan Negru’s executives targeted the famous TV presenter. What bothered them? What was the reason for the suspension of one of the most beloved TV presenters in Romania?

Dan Negru, in sight of the TVR managers! The presenter has been suspended

Dan Negru told how he was suspended for a while from TVR for something that happened during the show that he moderated several years ago. A podcast made on YouTube by Andi Moisescu took it out revealed moments unknown to fans of public figures. In Black how he was sanctioned after bringing a hip-hop band to Romanian TV. Although he instructed the artists on the set and asked them not to swear during the show, the guests turned upside down..

“They suspended me for a month and I did not get my salary for three months!”

;, Said Dan Negru.

“What a dilemma!” Andi Moisescu also answered and laughed. Among other things, the star also admitted that she started using the radio with the help of Andrei Voiculescu’s imitation, which the audience liked “very much”.

“In 1990, I had some friends on Radio Timișoara, who knew I had some records. I had some records, I was passionate about music. And now I have some acres of vinyl. And they asked me to give them some radio records as well. I said to them: “I come to see what happens, so it will not be scratched.” Misery took me there! I used to buy records from the flea market in Timișoara. I listened to music and then I came on the radio “
Dan Negru

Radio, TVR and Antena 1

When he entered the memorial field, he told the Romanians about the period of about two years when he worked for Prime Minister Chisinau, during which Andrei Gheorghe was also present. After the radio and TVR period, he has made countless programs on Antena 1 over the past two decades. In addition to the famous New Year’s Eve that it will surely remain in the history of Romanians and in TV, there are: “Next Star”, “You fuck with blondes”, “Academy of Stars” and “Star Network”.

Performances from Romania and the Republic of Moldova

  • Next star – Antenna 1
  • Guess my age – Guess the age – Antenna 1
  • Beat the Blondes – Antena 1
  • Who Wants to Be a Millionaire – PrimeTv Chisinau-
  • Let’s make a deal – Batem Palma- Antenna 1-
  • Hi Darwin- Antena 1-
  • Star Factory – Star Factory – PrimeTV Chisinau-
  • Deal or not Deal – Yes or no – PrimeTv Chisinau-
  • Star Network – Antenna 1-
  • Competition -Antena 1-
  • Radio Star- TVR-
  • Fantastic League Sports Gazette – Antenna 1-
  • A dream night with Mihaela Rădulescu -Antena 1-
  • New Year’s Eve 1999-now -TVR & Antena 1-
  • Mamaia festivals -TVR-
  • Eurovision – TVR-
  • Go- Antenna 1 –
  • Callatis Festival -TVR-
  • Celebrity Academy – Antenna 1-
  • Doomsday – Antenna 1-
  • Musical Express- TVR-
  • Luminous – Antenna 1-
  • Jeux sans Frontieres- nav i Saint Tropez- Antena 1-
  • Teledon 2001-2009 / Teledon Colectiv (2015) / Teledon Pandemic Coronavirus (2020) -Antena 1-
  • I want to be a flight attendant -Antena 1-
  • Fantastic team – Antenna 1-
  • Sheriffs of Romania-Antenna 1-
  • Mystery Scene – Antenna 1-
  • Money dropping with Money Down-Hub in Istanbul – Antenna 1-
  • Wheel of Fortune-PrimeTv-Chisinau-

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