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Health cup. What you do not know about the effect of linden flowers

It is a thing that has been proven for millennia that lime, this natural remedy, which cures body ailments, is also an undeniable cure for wounds.

What therapeutic effects linden flowers have

Undisputed stars among medicinal plants, linden flowers have sedative, anti-inflammatory, antipyretic, expectorant, sweating, antiviral, decongestant, diuretic, spasmolytic, hypotensive, relaxing and emollient, says Eugen Giurgiu, PhD in biology. “. The healing power of the lime preparation depends on the active substances identified in the plant composition: carbohydrates, tannins, vitamin C, volatile oils, mucous membranes and saponins.

From linden flowers are often prepared: infusions, tinctures and decoctions

For medicinal use, flowers are harvested, from which infusions, decoctions and tinctures are made, remedies known to consumers of lime. Alternative medicine specialists recommend calcium for the treatment of over 90 diseases, from colds to digestive diseases on a nervous background.

What are the benefits of calcium infusion in internal treatments

For internal treatments, infusion of linden flowers is beneficial in an impressive range of diseases: sleep disorders, panic attacks, palpitations, bile dyskinesia, indigestion and respiratory problems, sedative addiction (when used in parallel with sedatives and eliminates their negative effects), fluidization of the blood. In addition, this drug that sets the blood in motion helps to cleanse the blood, which reduces the toxicity in the body. Calcium infusions have been shown to be useful in Parkinson̵

7;s, epilepsy and various conditions caused by excessive coffee consumption.

Maceratin of linden flowers, an ideal sedative on the nervous system

Insomnia, insecurity crises, states of irrationality that occur in interpersonal relationships, accompanied by crying attacks, all these feelings are due to daily overload. In such situations, European phytotherapists estimate that neither a cure with vitamins nor an excess of caffeinated beverages is useful for people facing such problems. On the contrary, both vitamins and caffeinated beverages will highlight the depressive-anxiety state. . In such situations, European phytotherapists have come to the conclusion that macerates of linden flowers are the perfect solution for depression, intellectual exertion and asthenia.

Lime flowers are a perfect cure for diseases of the circulatory system

Due to the relaxing effect, linden flowers are indicated in the treatment of high blood pressure. A remedy with lime infusion, followed for two to three months, is a treatment indicated for high blood pressure, associated with atherosclerosis. For nerve tension, the treatment with linden flowers should be mixed with goose sun or with hawthorn (one teaspoon of each plant in a 250 ml cup of water ) from this mixture, the affected must drink two or three cups a day “, recommends phytotherapist Eugen Giurgiu in the study:” Plants that give us back the joy of living. “

Lime is infallible in colds

Due to the antipyretic and sweating effect, linden flowers are recommended as exceptional cures for colds, flu and whooping cough. In the treatment of bronchitis infusion of linden flowers promotes expectoration and reduces congestion. Instead of a cold, therapists recommend consuming lime blossom tea mixed with shock flowers (one teaspoon each in a cup of water). Until healing, two to three cups a day are indicated.

Lime oil, effective against bile

Very effective for bile, the oil is extracted from limes, due to its choleretic-carbohydrate action which stimulates the secretion of the gallbladder and helps to evacuate it from the intestine. The treatment should be followed according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Consumed in excess, lime no longer has a calming effect, on the contrary

Although appreciated for its soothing properties, lime should not be consumed in large quantities, as its effect will be … conversely, European phytotherapists draw our attention. The use of lime in excessive amounts causes nervous tension, which contributes to the installation of insomnia.

This week’s net – Nectar from linden flowers

Ingredients: 6 teaspoons dried linden flowers, one liter of plain water, 6 very ripe bananas, vanilla and cinnamon, to taste, 3 tablespoons honey.
Prepare : Make an infusion of dried linden flowers and water. The flowers are infused for 5 minutes. Crush the banana mass separately in which vanilla, cinnamon and honey are mixed. Once the infusion has cooled, add it to the banana paste, chewing until the liqueur is well mixed. The nectar obtained is relaxing; can be served with ice cubes.

Lime tincture

Ingredients: Lime flowers and alcohol at 40 degrees Celsius.

Prepare: In a two liter jar, add lime flower powder to the center of the pot. 40 degrees alcohol is added on top of the flowers and the contents are homogenized by mixing the alcohol with the plant. Close the jar tightly and let it soak for eight days. The liquid is then filtered through a thick gauze cloth and stored in dark bottles in the refrigerator.
The tincture is indicated as a complement in productive cough, bronchitis, lung virus, irritability, insomnia and mental tension.

An excellent remedy for the overworked body-Macerate

Unlike regular revitalizers, lime blossom maceration is a proven remedy that removes insomnia, supports the body during physical and intellectual exertion, fights depression and fatigue.

Ingredients: 100 g linden flowers and 300 mg honey
Prepare: The finely chopped linden flowers are mixed well for 21 days with honey in a jar with a lid. It is recommended two teaspoons of maceration four times a day, mixed in a cup of lime infusion. The effects of the cure appear after the first three to four days of treatment.

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