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Inspector General of IŞJ Botoşani on the scandal from …

Inspector General of IȘJ Botoșani, Mihaela Huncă, claims that a commission set up at inspection level verified the reports from the parents of a child with Down syndrome, but the allegations were not confirmed.

We set up a commission and this commission went to the training unit. This committee discussed with the parents of the students in the fifth grade and the teachers who teach in this class. The teachers who also teach the parents of these students did not encourage discrimination and did not demand that the student be eliminated from general education. All school students enjoy all constitutional rights, as well as equality in all rights granted by the quality of the primary recipient of education. According to the Commission which went there, these complaints are not justified“Sa Huncă.

The IȘJ management also claims that no action is required against Professor Mihaela Filip, who is also the school geography inspector, as long as the facts are not available.

On Tuesday, the CEDCD filed a complaint with the National Council for Combating Discrimination in the case of a student from an elementary school in Botosani, who has Down syndrome and who should have been subjected to “humiliating treatment”.

According to a statement sent to AGERPRES by CEDCD, the child is “deeply traumatized by psychological abuse, the threatening and hostile environment, more and more withdrawn”.

In this context, the CEDCD filed a complaint against the geography teacher / inspector, the coalition and / or passive teachers, as well as the parents who knew how to insult, humiliate, incite and demand that he / she be removed from school.“, it appears in the communication.

According to the cited source, the boy is a fifth grade student at Gymnasium School no. 13 “Ion Creangă” from Botoșani and has, according to current legal standards, a school orientation towards regular education.

Although the child successfully completed primary school, his life and that of his parents were once in fifth grade. As early as September 2015, the geography teacher, who also holds the position of school inspector and mother of a pupil in the same class, began to put pressure on parents and children who were to be expelled from school or moved to a special school.“, it appears in the press release.

The cited source shows that the Geography teacher would have coalitioned the parents of the other students against the child, promoted the collection of signatures for his elimination from school, would have scared the teachers to leave him right and threaten the inspection of certain subjects and constantly promoted “hate speech” against the child both in class and at meetings and in public. According to the press release, the geography teacher also threatened the child’s parents and had “hostile and degrading behavior” after they submitted a complaint to the school inspectorate.

It is deeply outrageous that this type of discriminatory, abusive attitude and lack of professional ethics is still manifested in schools in Romania. In addition to the fact that the teacher / inspector organizes discrimination, harasses and humiliates a child, her behavior falls within the framework of criminal law, both from the perspective of stimulating discrimination and abuse of office.“, said Mădălina Turza, President of the CEDCD, quoted in the communication.

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