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Terrible warnings in the UK: 50,000 cases of COVID / day in mid-October

Coronavirus is hitting the EU states hard, as officials are talking about a second wave of COVID-19.

In the UK, there may be as many as 50,000 new cases of COVID-19 by mid-October. According to British officials, the number of new infections has doubled every 7 days since the outbreak of cases in the UK. The number of 50,000 new cases submitted per day, in mid-October, could become a reality if no restrictive measures are taken.

Researcher Patrick Vallance, a scientific consultant in the UK, said the figure could lead to another 200 deaths a day a month later, according to the BBC.

An extremely important emergency meeting will take place in the UK on Tuesday, prepared at prime ministerial level, where new decisions are expected.

On Sunday, 3,899 new cases of COVID-1

9 infection and 18 deaths from coronavirus were reported.

“Right now, we think the epidemic will double in about seven days,” said Patrick Vallance, adding that “If, and it’s a big if, but if it continues uninterrupted and grows, doubles every seven days … if it continues, we will get somewhere around 50,000 cases a day somewhere in mid-October”.

“50,000 cases a day are expected to lead, a month later, so in mid-November, to 200 more deaths a day,” the doctor explained. “The challenge is therefore to ensure that duplication of cases does not occur every seven days.” continued the specialist.

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