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“Succession” star Jeremy Strong was originally auditioned to play another character

Last weekend, Sequence picked up the top prize at the Emmys. Several of the actors were nominated at the Emmy Awards 2020, and Jeremy Strong – AKA Kendall Roy in the HBO TV series – was lucky enough to take home a trophy for his performance on Sequence.

Strong seems born to play Kendall. But he did not always stand in line to portray the Roy family’s throne. What character did the actor initially test?

How ‘Succession’ star Jeremy Strong got a role in the HBO show

Several of the cast members who play in the HBO TV series Succession were nominated for Emmys 2020. But a scene in particular from Succession season 2 completely blew away the creator of the show, Jesse Armstrong.  He recently revealed which scene from season 2 - starring Jeremy Strong and Sarah Snook - impressed Armstrong so much that it made the Succession Writer / Producer emotional.
Jeremy Strong on Sequence Season 2 | Zach Dilgard / HBO

Wrap recently described Sequence role member Strong’s career. Although he was not very famous for the HBO show, Strong has appeared in a huge 4 best film candidates. As the publication reported:

… his taste for directors and material was quite remarkable. In three years, Strong appeared in four nominated for best film: Lincoln and Zero Dark Thirty during 2012, Selma 2014, and The Big Short 2015.

How did he go from making movies to getting the roles in an HBO drama? The Big Short, “Where Short played real stock analyst Vinny Daniel,” Strong led Sequence. The film’s director, Adam McKay, is also a producer for the series. As the creator of Sequence, Jesse Armstrong, told Wrap: “He was McKay’s idea.”

Strong could have played a completely different character on ‘Succession’

However, McKay took Strong in for a completely different role than the one he stopped playing on HBO’s Sequence.

“He thought he could be good to Roman (Roy),” Armstrong told The Wrap. However, the team had already seen Kieran Culkin, who “was a slam dunk” as Roman.

Novel on heritage
Kieran Culkin as Roman Roy on Sequence | Graeme Hunter / HBO

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“And then Jeremy auditioned, and that’s his total commitment,” the producer and author recalled. Armstrong continued to rush about Strong’s performance for the publication:

He reads everything he needs to read. He is quite equipped, flawless. You feel like you can throw anything at him. There are no gaps in his armor, he is the character. He’s pretty extraordinary.

Strong was the definition of vulnerability in this season’s 2 episode

With the latest Emmy win, it seems that Strong ended up in the right role Sequence. And the creators of the series agree. In a separate interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Armstrong revealed that a scene from Strong’s from season 2 “decreased [him] to tears. “

IN Sequence Season 2, Episode 4, “Safe Room”, he reminded:

… Shiv and Kendall have a moment of brother and sister connection where they had talked as they often are, jockey for their father’s affection and their positions.

Sarah Snook and Jeremy Strong on inheritance
Jeremy Strong and Sarah Snook as Kendall Roy and Shiv Roy on Sequence | Peter Kramer / HBO

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The moment of vulnerable “honesty” in which Kendall finally admits to Shiv that he will not be his father’s successor was truly emotional for Armstrong to witness.

For the series’ showrunner, it was “a magical moment on the set.”

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