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Filip Yifter-Svensson new reportage editor at Sydsvenskan Kultur

First, his new book about Malmö’s stand-up scene, “The Provocateurs”, will be published. Then Filip Yifter-Svensson takes a place as editor and cultural reporter at HD’s and Sydsvenskan’s cultural editorial office.

Filip Yifter-Svensson, employee at HD’s and Sydsvenskan’s cultural editorial office.Picture: Peter Frennesson

Welcome to the new job! What are the texts that HD’s and Sydsvenskan’s readers will be able to read from you?

– I like the report as a form. Much of cultural journalism is subjective, you have an opinion or an analysis of something. But I have tried to cultivate the slightly longer reportage. The goal is to raise a debate that is global or national, and then try to write about it as a person in Skåne.

– It’s fun to mix ordinary people with experts and researchers. Like when I wrote the report about the controversial author Jordan B Peterson a few years ago. Then I found a car mechanic who was transgender, and when others hated Peterson for being transphobic, she started liking him! I think it’s fun to find fun people through whom you can reflect on debates.

Your first book, “The Provocateurs”, depicts the stand-up scene in Malmö in the 2010s in a rather hurtful way. There have been many conflicts and difficult issues in that world. What made you interested in that particular topic?

– I wrote an article in 2016 that was about how comedians look at their own role in the public eye. Then I became interested in the comedian as a character, especially during the political 10s. Many wanted to take a more responsible position and began to talk seriously and enter into debates. But then there were others who, on the contrary, wanted to hold on to the fact that you are some kind of fool who is only responsible for making people laugh.

– And when the drive towards Anton Magnusson’s character “Mr Cool” started in 2018 [om låten ”Knulla barn”] I felt there was a frame story. For the quarrel about “Mr Cool” involved so many people, even outside the cultural world. It was a debate that took place on social media, on completely new platforms. It was an opportunity to write about the history of stand – up in Sweden, from the 80’s until the latest podcast generation.

How had you been a comedian yourself?

– Haha, pretty bad, I think.


– It would be a horror to be a stand-up comedian, I would never try it. When you go up on that stage, you should make people laugh, there are no other signs that you have succeeded. It’s so black and white. If they do not laugh, you have not been good.

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