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The media praises Kamala Harris’ Timberland boots after crushing the same look on Melania Trump

Democratic Vice Presidential candidate Kamala Harris was praised for sporty Timberland boots on Wednesday, but the media were not at all as kind to First Lady Melania Trump when they showed a similar look.

During his visit to his home country, Harris was seen wearing the iconic boots as he investigated the devastation left by the British fires in California, which led to lots of compliments on Twitter and glowing headlines from the media.

But Women For Trump founder Amy Kremer pointed out that the media was quite hostile to the first lady on several occasions when she wore Timberlands.

Kremer shared two headlines side by side from Yahoo News, one from Wednesday that read “Kamala Harris may have made Timberland boots cool again”

; and the other from December 2018 that reads “Melania Trump gets mocked for wearing Timberland boots while he visited the troops. “


“I’ve never seen such a media thrill in my life … Over #timberland boots! Freaking shoes people. Shoes!” Exclaimed Creams.

USA Today’s headline on Harris read “Timbs and Converse? Kamala Harris sports boots after wearing the Chuck Taylor All-Stars” while the newspaper’s headline about the first lady read: “Work boots and white jeans? Melania Trump’s outfits still missing the mark.”


Kremer continued to share other headlines. Marie Claire was published and the article claimed “Kamala Harris Wears Her Timberlands, Gets Sh-t Done.” Meanwhile, Teen Vogue ran “Melania Trump’s Puerto Rico outfit and heels sparkling backlash” back in 2017.

“It is no wonder that the American people do not trust the media,” Kremer continued. “I know this is not really about the boots. But the boots show the extreme #media. The media will go to great lengths to pursue their own agenda. This is disgusting. As I said in a previous tweet, it is no wonder that Americans trust not on them. “

This is not the first time the Democratic VP nominee has been praised for his fashion choices. Earlier this month, a report by The Washington Post featured Chuck Taylor All-Stars worn by the senator during his visit to Milwaukee.

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“By Tuesday morning, videos of two reporters witnessing her arrival had been viewed nearly 8 million times on Twitter,” Post-reporter Chelsea Janes wrote, “for the sake of comparison, more than four times the attention of the campaign’s largest planned video event, a conversation between Joe Biden and Barack Obama had gotten on both Twitter and YouTube together. “

The Post’s report, entitled “Kamala D. Harris goes viral – for her shoe election,” Janes explained, “At this point in a presidential campaign, every move is calculated, often to convey a sense of youth and energy and fitness to reassure voters. a candidate’s ability to deal with the hardships of governing the country, or to help do so. “

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