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The Yankees are back on track with a dominant victory over the Blue Jays

Gerrit Cole is the guy you can not take your eyes off when he has the ball in his hand on the pile.

You can hear him think about performing a pitch, watch him show disgust when he does not, and admire his competitiveness.

Tuesday night, all of this was in play, but Cole was not the main event in a 12-1 drill by the Blue Jays of the Yankees at Sahlen Field in Buffalo.

Sure, Cole allowed a run, five hits, didn’t give a walk and blew seven on his way to his third straight win, but the headliner was a Yankees lineup that punished the Blue Jays pitching.

“It was great, put on a pair [of runs] early and Gerrit was great again, but it was good to see the offense really tighten up lots of good bats, ”

; said Aaron Boone about his lineup that knocked out 15 hits and went 8-on-11 with runners in scoring after have gone 2-for-13 in the previous two matches. “A lot of guys have big nights.”

Gio Urshela increased his hit to 11 games with a 4-for-5 night that included two RBIs. Aaron Judge went 3-for-5, made three runs and drove in one and Aaron Hicks had three RBIs and two hits. Gleyber Torres delivered three hits and drove in two runs.

The victory stopped a two-losing streak and was 32-23 for the Yankees 11th in 13 games. They are in a battle for the best record among the second places in the three AL divisions and the home field for the first round, which will be the best of three and opens on Tuesday. The Yankees will probably play either the Twins or the White Sox.

The Yankees dominated the Blue Jays tonight.
The Yankees dominated the Blue Jays tonight.AP

The White Sox lead the twins with a half in AL Central. The Twins have a 1-game lead over the Yankees for the best record among second-place clubs.

Urshela, who was on the injury list from 4-15 September with a leg spur in her right elbow that may require out-of-season surgery, says that the consistency has been the engine that drives a very productive distance.

“Try to keep it consistent every day, that’s what I try to do,” said Urshela, who hit .390 (23-for-59) in the last 16 games.

When it comes to the elbow, it has obviously not been a problem at the plate.

“It’s good, no pain, no soreness. It feels really good ”, says Urshela, who explained that he did not know if surgery would eventually be required.

As for Hicks, his ability to draw walks has been the best part of his season so far, but he believes his bats will come when the Yankees get ready for the record season.

“Starting to feel better,” says Hicks, who tripled in the first and drove in two runs in the fourth run fifth. “Can get to the fast ball and hit it hard. I see the ball much longer and feel comfortable with it. To get into my cargo earlier and trust my hands. ”

Of course, Cole’s contribution to a victory that puts the Yankees back on track cannot be discounted. He was signed for $ 324 million not only to beat the Yankees to World Series titles but for games that on Tuesday night, when losing streaks, even mini, needed to be stopped.

He did exactly that. But for the rare night, Cole was not the headliner, which made his job much easier.

Cole opens the playoffs for the Yankees on Tuesday and is happy to stay in the shadows if the lineup loosens as it did against the Blue Jays.

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